My Style

I shoot in a photojournalistic style, with an eye for artful details and emotion. 

I collect moments like beautiful marbles: the pink morning light reflecting on the ocean at a beach portrait shoot, the sparkle of pollen shifting through the late summer air at a farm wedding, the soft glow of string lights creating a warm buzz at a rehearsal dinner. Capturing the peeling paint in old city alley ways and the curve of sunlight dipping through wrought iron balconies. 

I like to tell a proper story with my lens, whether the shoot is simple or ornate. Sometimes it's as minimal as capturing the sweep of freckles that runs over your shoulders in beautiful light. There's striking beauty in simplicity. Other times, it's a rush of photographing the giddy smiles and embraces of friends and family at your wedding; effervescent laughter between friends; butterflies released into the wind at the end of your ceremony;  the details of your dress and tabletops and rings; then skipping away from the rattle of the event to find a still moment, the perfect spot, the best light. Cataloging that rare moment where you're floating on the pure bliss of "just married." 

I harvest these moments like grapes warm off the vine, decanting and bottling them into golden keepsakes, into flashes of delight. I believe life is full of beauty and love and felicity, if only we have eyes to see. There's perfection all around us. For me, photography is an exercise in seeing the world as it is, an exercise in being fully awake, in being enchanted by existence. The moments in your session or event or inimitable, infinite and momentous. Sometimes elegant, sometimes jagged. Always wondrous. My goal is to lasso some of that wonder and tell your story with minimal interference. 

Im overjoyed and grateful that you're visiting my site and that you're considering me for your next session or event! Contact me here to book your shoot.